e-Tender solution developed with Python

We develop custom Python-based e-tender solution that will reduce elements of risk, provide process consistency, assist with managerial control, and ensure that tender details are fully auditable.

The internet and accompanying new technologies are growing rapidly and penetrate more and more business spheres. Most organizations are moving towards internet-based implementations of their business ideas. E-commerce - purchasing and selling of products through a website - is one of them. Quintagroup provides full stack of e-commerce solutions, including online shops, marketplaces, auctions, tenders, and procurement systems.

Tenders can be used for acquisition of goods, services or works from any external source. They are easier to conduct when all parties are notified and participate via transparent scheme. Competition in the form of tender will guarantee larger number of competitors, wider choice and optimized expenses. It is beneficial but resource and time consuming process. By transferring tender procedure to the sophisticated software you will remove its limitations and take advantage of its perks.

Since most organizations have a well-defined tender process or want to implement specific features and steps, custom e-Tender solution will cover all your project requirements and carry out entire Tendering Cycle online. We offer to develop a tailored tender software that will comply with policies, regulatory requirements, security standards and best practices. Using Python programming language as the project basis will increase productivity and flexibility.

Custom Python-based solution can cover any or all of the tender stages:

  • Tender Preparation
  • Tender Notice Creation
  • Tender Promotion
  • Tender Approval
  • Tender Publication
  • Vendor Registration and Rating
  • Auction Options
  • Tender Q&A and Submission
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Tender Negotiation and Award
  • Tender Audit and Storage

Its successful implementation requires careful attention to the client’s ideas, needs of the system, operational procedures, legislative requirements and many other aspects of complex solution. Our automated electronic system will reduce elements of risk, provide process consistency, assist with managerial control, and ensure that tender details are fully auditable.

We can work with common tendering types like Open, Select, Multi-stage, or Invited tendering, as well as any specifications you want for competitive bidding process. As expert Python developers we are ready to accept any original and innovative projects and provide you with a comprehensive and functional tender electronic system that suits your company’s goals. Quintagroup can also build a tender portal for you that will contain information about past, current and planned tenders, its requirements, results and other important information.

Contact us and receive qualified consulting and services. You will not be disappointed with the result - automated end-to-end solution with full traceability and auditability of the entire process that will benefit both buyers and suppliers in the market.

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