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We develop custom e-procurement solution that will simplify your procurement procedures, lift productivity, drive compliance and reduce potential cost savings for both parties. Our recommended basis of procurement system is Python that is powerful enough to accommodate systems and perform tasks of any scale.

The procurement of goods and services occupies significant market share in both private and state operations, but manual procurement practices are outdated and costly, so it is only logical to aim at optimization and streamlining procurement by moving it to the web. E-procurement, or electronic procurement, is a web-based technology for electronic tendering process that encourages recognised best practices and benefits both buyers and suppliers. It offers a secure dynamic environment for procurements of any type, size, complexity or value.

Application of e-procurement system will result in decreased procurement cycle time and potential cost savings for both parties. Other huge benefit of using such system is better access to business opportunities, since more companies will be able to find and take part in tendering.

Of course there is no one universal procurement solution that will fit requirements of each organization. Some e-procurement software has many features and is intended for huge corporations, while other is smaller and more confined aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses. The same is true for public procurement, it depends on size and economic regulations of particular state.

Quintagroup offers e-procurement development services that include everything required to efficiently design and implement procurement solution tailored specifically for your organization, be it startup, established company or government. Our procurement solution will enhance operational efficiencies and streamline the workflow connected with the preparation of tenders and procurement requirements. You will always benefit from thought-through and professionally implemented software that incorporates best procurement practices.

We offer to develop custom e-procurement solution that will simplify your procurement procedures and reduce processing time between purchasing requests, bidding, approvals, and purchase orders. It will lift productivity, drive compliance, as well as decrease purchasing and administrative costs. The adoption of an e-procurement system allows close monitoring of participants’ activities and visibility into your spending.

Our recommended basis of procurement system is Python. It is high-level programming language powerful enough to perform tasks and accommodate systems of any scale. Python can be extended with various other technologies and frameworks depending on the specifications of your particular project. Usage of the most appropriate tools improves security and speed of the process, as well as reduces manual intervention and mistakes.

You can automate as many elements of procurement as you like. We can help you with applying the best technologies. Moreover, we can integrate your procurement solution with other systems, like ERP or CMS, for better experience and business software tools integrity.

We have experience in developing e-auctions and took part in Open Contracting initiative. We built electronic public procurement system. It covers several stages of the procurement process: initiation of procurement, auction, evaluation and awarding, review and complaint resolution. This open source solution is now successfully applied by several state institutions. More detailed information can be found in our use case:

OpenProcurement OpenProcurement

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