Auctions software - Python-based solution

Quintagroup team can build and deploy powerful Python-based online auction solution. Whether it is Dutch Auction, Reverse Auction, Asymmetric Auction, Silent Auction, or Services Marketplace, our software will feature real-time dynamic bidding, responsive design and secure workflow.

Recently auctioning has become one of the most popular online businesses. And it is not a wonder that you are interested in it. Whether you are an established company, government entity, individual business entrepreneurs or a start-up with a great idea - you will benefit from the auction software that suits your project perfectly. Quintagroup team can build and deploy simple, affordable, yet powerful solution with multiple bidding formats, several system privacy levels, and flexible configuration management. Our Python-based online auction will establish you as a successful player in the market.

Auctions software - Python-based solutionReady-made options available now have some drawbacks like the excess of features you will never use or standard design that does not correspond your company image. Our expert programmers can develop a reliable, cost-effective, custom auction solution that meets all your requirements. We will ensure that the resulting software comes with impeccable design, powerful features, and secure workflow you approve of.

Apart from standard auction types like Dutch Auction, Reverse Auction, Asymmetric Auction, Silent Auction, Closed Option or Highest Unique Bid Auction, we can develop eMarketplace for multiple vendors. If you want to connect businesses and service your own market, then this option is for you. Online e-commerce marketplaces accumulate products from different providers, so the choice is wider, availability is higher, and prices are more competitive.

The more specific your requirements are the more interesting it is for us to implement them. We are open for challenges. If you need to create a new auction variation or implement a unique sales workflow, our team will assist you on every step of the project. After complete analysis of your business requirements we will develop custom solution perfect for your particular case.

We prefer reliable technology ensuring high speed performance and stability. For this purposes we use Python - high-level dynamic programming language. It can be applied in development of different auction software types and has strong support for integration with other languages and tools. There are technologies like Pyramid, Django, AWS, Angular.js, CouchDB that help to implement various auction features.

What do we do?

  • We provide a fully-customisable secure solution with which you can smoothly and profitably conduct any type of auction.
  • We can customize Python-based system to your specific needs - your auction will evolve with your business.
  • We can help figure out the best way to efficiently bring your idea to market and develop your online auction strategy, if you are a startup or just new to this business niche.
  • We can create an eMarketplaces for multiple third parties with various bidding and buying methods.

Key features of our auction software:

  • real-time dynamic bidding and viewing;
  • auction platform is optimized for mobile, tablets, and desktops;
  • solution with proven scalability and reliability that won't let you down;
  • system will be optimized with modern technologies like Python, HTML5, CSS3;
  • advanced security techniques that guarantee safety of the auctions;
  • layout and design tailored for each client;
  • SEO and multi-language capabilities;
  • performance and speed required by a high-volume online marketplace.

We have experience with building different types of auctions. For instance, we developed custom solution with Combinatorial Clock Auctions, Simultaneous Multiple Round Auctions, Ascending Clock Auctions, and Ascending clock auctions with exit bids for PolicyTracker. More information you can see in our use cases:

Policy Tracker Policy Tracker

OpenProcurement OpenProcurement

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