Time to Migrate Python 2 to Python 3

Python 2 will be officially supported only till 2020, so you should think of security of your data and personal information. Worry about Python migration? Better hold your nerves and let Quintagroup help you.

Python 2 3 migrationToday, Python is one of the programming languages, which has gained popularity due to its code readability and functionality. Its creator, Guido van Rossum, implied the idea of Python as an easily readable language. What is more, the philosophy of it lies in the simplicity and its applicability, especially when it comes to creating both simple and complex projects.

Python 2 was released in 2000, and the last version of Python 2, Python 2.7, is supposed to be officially maintained only till January 2020. Therefore, many companies now running Python 2 are concerned with its modernization or, to put it simply, are planning to migrate Python 2 to Python 3. 

Time is running out, Python 2 is reaching its end of life, and, from the point of view of security, as the language won’t be maintained any longer, this leaves us with too little time to migrate from it.  You also need to keep in mind that possible bugs found later on, or errors happening with your Python 2 application, can lead to extensive support hours in the future. If you wish your project to thrive for the next decade, we are here to make it live longer!

Quintagroup has extensive experience in developing and deploying various Python applications since 2003. Our expertise ranges from Zope and Plone to Django and Flask. Web applications, web design, web development, automated testing, hosting services as well as other solutions delivered by Quintagroup are developed in Python and its web frameworks. Therefore, you can be sure that we have full command of this language in the process of building applications and software development.

Benefits of running your project with Python 3 

Before the migration, you might want to know the advantages of lying behind Python 3:

  • High Compatibility
    If you want to install downloaded packages, the probability that they will support Python 3 is quite high.
  • Access to cloud services.
    The most popular cloud services offer Python 3 support.
  • Operating System support
    This version of Python goes installed by default in various Linux distributions.
  • Skill improvement.
    As far as Python 3 has gone through some changes and is an improved version of Python 2, your software developers might need to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

To make migration fast and successful, it requires an experienced and professional mind behind it. If you are planning Python 2 to Python 3 migration, our team of experts is ready to offer our helping hand and provide you with all the necessary services, including deep research, professional and technical expertise, code porting, the choice of tooling, etc. As diligent and caring team of professionals, we guarantee high quality and fast performance. Simply fill out the form and we’ll contact you. Still hesitating?

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