2. Text Portlet on custom background image

If you want to make some text be displayed on a custom background image, for example - in the right column as on the screenshot below:


Follow Add, edit or remove a portlet in the header area.... link that appears in the right bottom corner of the top area when cursor reaches top area.


Remember about PORTLETS LOCATION RULE: portlets assigned to In Header Portlet A and In Header Portlet B columns will be displayed on certal and right top area correspondingly. Portlet assigned into In Header Portlet C column will occupy the whole top central+right area.

So, hide or remove existing demo portlet in the column you want your new portlet image appear. And create static text portlet in the appropriate column. In our case we add static text portlet into In Header Portlet B column.

Insert text and image into portlet's body text area. Assign Portlet Image style for the image (Style... drop-down menu).


Save the portlet and that's it. In the same way you can add such kind of portlets into column A, or column C (A and B column portlets should be hidden then).

Images dimensions

Please used images of the following dimensions on Brio diazo theme top area:

  • column A: 336*193px
  • column B: 324*193px
  • column C: 668*193px

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