Part 2. Uni diazo Plone Theme portlets Gray Background

In this tutorial you will learn how to add gray background to Uni diazo theme static text images.

Uni Plone Theme has gray-background style for static portlet images. This allows having all portlet images (in the same portlet column) of the same width. If your portlets include images of different size - you can make them look akin by assigning gray background for such images. As a result all portlet images in one portlet column will have the same width. See 2 screenshots below, these 2 columns has different default width - as a result portlet images in these 2 columns will have different gray background width:

1. Left portlet column


2. Right portlet column


So, to add such grey background for image in Plone static text portlet - on the portlet edit form add image and assign Portlet Image style for it:



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