Part 2. How to replace top image on front and inner pages

Plone tutorial about top images customization in Estate diazo Theme for Plone 4.2.

This tutorial covers customization of top images in Estate Responsive Plone Theme on a Plone 4.2 website.

Estate theme top image is different for the home page and inner site pages. This is the image used on the Estate front page:


and this is the image user for site sections:


To replace the image used on the homepage, you need to add a new one to the site root with the shortname/id fronttopimage (make sure image shortname is correct, otherwise image will not be shown in the top area). Recommended image size is 830*219px.


Add top image to site section

In the same way you can replace top image for site's sections. For this - add topimage to the desirable site section/folder. Recommended image size for site sections is 830*171px. If you add such an image to the site root, it will be set globally for all the sections, except for the home page.

Demo images

There are 2 demo images that come with the theme (see quintagroup->theme->estate->src folder in the theme package) that might be used for site sections. Here they are:




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