Part 3. How to add image carousel to Estate top area

Plone tutorial about adding image carousel above the content area on Plone 4.2 website with Estate diazo theme installed.

This tutorial covers creating of diazo Estate Plone Theme carousel on a Plone 4.2 website.

Estate diazo theme includes special styles to display a carousel just above the content area. This can be done for front and inner site pages. But first you have to install Products.Carousel package and activate Carousel for Plone via Site Setup -> Add-ons. As a result, you will be able to add image banner(s) to site's front page and site sections.

Image carosel on front page

Switch to Carousel tab to manage carousel settings on your site: its dimensions, transition type, etc. Publish carousel to make it visible for other site members.


Go to Carousel Contents tab and select Carousel Banner from Add new... drop-down menu.


Fill it its Title, provide Link URL (if banner should be linked somewhere) and upload a new banner image. The recommended width for the banner is 830 px.


Save and publish this new banner. Now site's front page will have an image carousel displayed:


Add more Carousel Banners into Carousel folder to have them rotate on the site's front page.

Image carousel on site section

In the same way you can add carousel into site's sections. But please note carousel default behaviour: it is displayed on the default item of the folder only. Uncheck this option if you need opposite behaviour.


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