How to Add Email Account in Thunderbird

Illustrative Plone Tutorial about adding email account to Thunderbird Mail User Agent.

This is an example of how to create a new POP3 email account in Thunderbird.

  • Prerequisite: email is added in MailManager and password is set up

Open Thunderbird Mail User Agent, open Edit drop-down menu and select Account Settings:

Thunderbird Tools

In the opened window - press Add Account... button:

Thunderbird Account Settings

In the Account Wizard specify that you will be adding a new Email account:

Thunderbird Account wizard

Provide your name and email address you will be using:

Thunderbird identity

Select server type (POP) that your email account will work with and enter the name of your incoming server:

Thunderbird Server Info

Type your incoming and outcoming user names:

Thunderbird User name

Provide your Account Name

Thunderbird Account name

That's all! A new email account has been successfully created. Press Finish.


The only thing left - is to provide your email password:

Thunderbird email Password

Secure Connection

If you want to make sure your emails are sent/received via secure protocol - see instruction for setting up Secure connection in Thunderbird.

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