How to Customize Text'n'Roll Responsive Plone Theme

Text'n'Roll is a new responsive Plone theme with magazine style format. The minimalistic design makes it an ideal theme for those who want a theme that compliments their featured products and services rather than taking away from the content. This theme does have some fun features - you can add your own logo, image carousel, but still keep that clean polish the theme offers. Responsive web design ensures easy browsing for your mobile and tablet visitors by adapting your content to fit their device screen.  Forget pinching, zooming, swiping, and side-to-side scrolling.


You will need to use specific theme versions for different Plone releases:

  • quintagroup.theme.textroll < 3.0 - Plone 4
  • quintagroup.theme.textroll >= 3.0 - Plone 5

If you want to use this theme with Plone 4, please pin theme’s version to 2.2:

quintagroup.theme.textroll = 2.2


Use the navigation on the right to browse through all tutorial sections and learn how to customize the theme.

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