Part 1. How to change Green Bean theme logo

Read the following tutorial and learn how you can change a logo and slogan in Green Bean Plone theme.

Green Bean diazo theme comes with the default Plone logo.

Plone default logo Greenbean theme

You can replace it with custom image as you would do it in default Plone: go to account menu in the side toolbar, then choose Site Setup -> Site -> Site logo. Upload your image there.

Logo site settings

Now when you return to the Plone website, you'll see new logo image.

Greenbean Plone theme logo

To add slogan please follow the steps:

  1. Navigate to Site Setup > Theming > Advanced settings tab.
  2. Find "slogan" line and insert your text instead of default "Type your slogan here".

Adding slogan to Green Bean Plone theme

Green Bean Plone theme slogan