Part 1. How to Replace Flow Plone 4 Theme Logo

Tutorial about replacing default Flow Plone Theme company logo in Plone 4 with a new one.

The following tutorial covers changing of Flow Theme logo on a Plone 4 website. See instructions for replacing diazo Flow Theme logo in Plone 4.1 and How to replace Flow Theme logo in Plone 3 tutorial.

Company logo of Flow Plone Skin is displayed at the top area on Flow Theme' front page:


and inner theme pages:


You can replace this logo with any other in two ways: via Zope Management Interface. For this go to portal_skins -> flow_images.There is logoFlow.gif image inside:


This is a default Flow Plone Skin logo image. To set your own logo press Customize button:


Press Browse button to select the your own logo. Click Upload:


Now you see your new logoFlow.gif image, and it is automatically put into custom folder:


Now when you return to Plone interface, you'll see new logo image (Quintagroup logo):


For the subsequent logo replacements go directly to ZMI portal_skins/custom/logoFlow.gif and upload new logo image here.

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