Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)

Amazon SES is an outbound-only email-sending service. It is reliable, highly scalable and cost-efficient solution for delivering merchandising, subscription, transactional, and notification email messages.

Amazon SESMost businesses are in need of reliable and ready-to-use email solution for marketing or transactional messaging delivery with minimum resources and cost spent. AWS provides access to such a solution - Simple Email Service (SES). You can efficiently send emails using sophisticated email infrastructure with which serves its own large number of customers.

Amazon SES is a highly scalable outbound-only email-sending service. Now there is no need to concern yourself with developing custom solution, licensing, or operating third-party software. You can send any type of high-quality content and receive reports on activity and deliverability statistics. Similarly to other Amazon Web Services SES is customer-friendly in terms of cost. No up-front fees or minimum spend. Just try a free usage tier, and if your demands grow, pay only low charges for the number of sent emails, data transfer fees, and attachments.

SES is simple and reliable at its core. Send email using simple SMTP interface or an API call. Receive access to robust and highly scalable cloud-based network infrastructure that had proven its power by being used by and AWS users. Billions of messages are sent every year and SES stores them across multiple servers and datacenters so that data is highly availability and durable.

Deliverability rate of Amazon SES

If the email is highly deliverable it means that there is a high probability it will actually arrive in the recipients’ inboxes. Because of the large number of spam in global email traffic there are a lot of automated filters that scan email content in order to stop the ones they consider spam. Among the factors that can influence spam filters is email history of IP address and domain. So SES has features that help this service to be viewed as a trusted email origin and maximize the percentage of messages arrived at their destination.

To improve deliverability on your own you would need to take care of email server management, network configuration, and IP address reputation. SES does not demand any additional efforts from you, except complying with the applicable regulations about message content. Amazon SES uses in-house content filtering to detect spam and malware. Such emails are blocked before they can be sent and accounts sending them may be suspended.

Moreover, SES maintains complaint feedback loops with major ISPs to form delivery metrics and check which emails were marked as spam by recipients. It is a part of real-time statistics that is available for SES users. Reports include data about successful delivery attempts, rejected messages, bounces and complaints. By monitoring this statistics you can find and fix issues immediately and make adjustments to your email-sending strategy.

You can use a mailbox simulator included in Amazon SES to test different email-sending scenarios with your application. It won’t affect your metrics. Just simulate any type of behaviour you would like to test: a successful acceptance, an out-of-office auto response, a hard bounce, a complaint, etc.

SES can be seamlessly integrated with other AWS services, like Amazon EC2, Amazon SNS, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Elastic Beanstalk, or Amazon Route 53. For instance, SES is the recommended tool for users of Amazon EC2 that want to add an email-sending service to their apps on EC2 instance.

Want to know more about SES?

This email-sending solution provides a reliable, scalable, and inexpensive way to deliver merchandising, subscription, transactional, and notification email messages. Large-scale email traffic is no longer a challenge. With Amazon SES it is a cost effective and scalable part of your business. In order to get more information visit

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