How to Customize Wink Responsive Plone Theme

Wink, a new responsive theme for Plone 4.2. Features include a fixed header with two designs, replaceable logo, social media, special styles for portlets

Wink is a responsive theme for Plone 4.2. Among its many features you may find interesting responsive web design to ensure your website will behave on mobile and tablet devices. The theme allows you to replace logo for business branding, create a carousel on the home page and site's section. You can also choose out of two designs for header and change its height.To change the page layout you can install the additional extensions and add some specially-styled portlets.



This Plone tutorial consists of several parts, in which you will find explanations on how to customize Wink Responsive  Plone Theme to suit your taste. Use the navigation on the right to navigate through all tutorial sections.

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