How to add drop-down menu

This tutorial will show you how to add drop-down menu for Plone 5 website

This tutorial will show you how to add drop-down menu for Plone 5.0.x (except 5.0.2 and 5.0.4) website.

Drop-down can be added using webcouturier.dropdownmenu. Note that this add-on will not work with 5.0.2 and 5.0.4 versions of Plone.

To install this product add the following changes to your buildout.cfg file.

1) Add webcouturier.dropdownmenu to the eggs list:


eggs +=

2) Insert the following lines into the [buildout] section

auto-checkout = webcouturier.dropdownmenu

extensions = mr.developer

3) Add new section after the end of the [buildout] section:

webcouturier.dropdownmenu = git branch=plone5

Then re-run buildout and restart Zope instance. Activate Dropdown menu via Quickinstaller in Plone: Site Setup -> Add-ons.

After activating, drop-down menu will appear on the website.

Drop-down for Plone 5.png

Responsive view of the menu if webcouturier.dropdownmenu is used:

Responsive menu for Plone 5.png

Drop-down configuration

There are several configurable settings for this Plone extension. Go to Site Setup -> Add-on Configuration -> Dropdown menu configuration. Here you can choose the depth of the menu and whether to show description.


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