Part 6. How to add the “Newspaper look” to the page

Read the following tutorial and learn how you can add columns and illustrations album view to Publisher’s theme for Plone 5.0.

Publisher’s theme provides a unique look for pages, where text is structured into three columns and illustrations are grouped into the album view.

Publishers newspaper look

First you need to install the following Plone products:

Note that quintagroup.slidertemplates version should be 1.5 or higher, so that it could be used for Plone 5 (see version details on Github). Then go to Site Setup -> Add-ons and activate the above mentioned products.

Create new page and add content there. Then go to “Manage portlets” link on the toolbar, choose portlet location, and select NG Collection portlet from the "Add new..." drop-down. In the edit form select collection you would like to use and choose template named “contentSlider”.

Custom slider for Publisher's plone theme

After saving this portlet, text on the page will be automatically divided into three columns and visitors will be able to click through the illustrations of your collection in the responsive slider.

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