Part 6. Other BrendA Plone Theme Customizations

Tutorial about other BrendA Theme Customizations: Personal Tools, Document Actions, Portlets and Footer change.

The following tutorial covers customization of BrendA Plone Theme personal tools, document actions, portlets and footer on a Plone 3 website. Instruction for Plone 4 website - see in BrendA Theme other customization in Plone 4 tutorial.

1. Personal Tools / Personal Bar


You can add/remove/rename items in personal tools. For that switch to Zope Management Interface and go to portal_actions -> user. Add new CMF Action, give it a certain ID. Go to this newly created tab and fill in items's title, description, and URL (Expression) the item will be linked to( should be typed in string format: $portal_url/my-short-name-of-document).

2. Document Actions


Document Actions (Send this, Print this) moved to the top area of the right column, they are displayed right next to the Site Actions (Sitemap, Site Setup). You can add/remove/rename items in document actions via ZMI. Go to portal_actions -> document_actions. To create a new item - add new CMF Action, give it a certain ID. Go to this newly created tab and fill in its title, description, and URL (Expression) of the document, the item is linked to (should be typed in string format: $portal_url/my-short-name-of-document).

3. Portlets

If you want to add, delete or customize portlets you can do it via manage portlets options. There is a good piece of illustrated documentation about how to do it on

4. Footer

To edit BrendA theme footer go to ZMI and select portal_view_customizations (Manages view customizations).

  1. In the right main area select plone.footer ( IPortalFooter)
  2. Press Customize button.
  3. In the opened HTML window, make necessary edits, and save your changes.
  4. Get back to the Plone site, reload the page to see whether your changes have been saved.

For the subsequent footer edits go to portal_view_customizations (Manages view customizations). Select contents tab. Here you will see zope.interface.interface-plone.footer document, that can be edited.

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