Plone and Internationalization

Documentation overview about Plone's multilingual capability.

One of the features that attracts to Plone is its multilingual capability. Plone's content (labels, menu items, dialog boxes, etc.) have already been translated into 35+ languages, so if a user sets their browser settings in a proper way (technically, it's the "accept_language" header), they'll see a Plone web site in their chosen language.

With a few add-on products content managers can create their own multilingual content. These add-ons work very smoothly - a creator can easily create a new document (or Event, or News Item) in multiple languages; but when published, the browser sees the document only in their chosen language.

The following are featured Plone add-ons used for managing Plone multilingual content - see more projects in Internationalization category:

All this reaffirms Plone's position as the most capable and user-friendly multilingual content management system in the world.
Learn more about Multilingual Website Development with Plone or contact Quintagroup if you are interested in having your website translated into several languages.

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