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Documentation - Plone Demo sites, Plone 4 and Plone 3, Plone WYSIWYG editor.

Plone Demo sites are ideal for those trying to easily experience and feel Plone. You will have an opportunity to add events, news items, upload pictures, add documents, and process them all through the framework that Plone provides. With Plone Demo you can also experience Plone workflow systems as well as other basic Plone features.

Plone 5 Demo Site

Plone 5 Demo site

Plone evolved! Experience the look and feel of new more capable and robust Plone 5 on demo website. Whether you are new to Plone or an experienced user, you will be pleased to try new features and enhancements that come with this new version of popular CMS.

Demo website has account that gives users rights and permissions of site administrator. You will be able to try out new default theme Barceloneta, adjustable toolbar separated from content for easier styling, upgraded TinyMCE editor, out-of-the-box Dexterity content types and multilinguality. Plone 5 Demo site contains several illustrative presentations of popular add-ons, including themes, custom forms (collective.easyform package allows creation of forms through the web), and embed service (collective.embedly package allows to embed video, images and other rich media files to Plone simply by providing their URL).

Plone 4 Demo Site

To try Plone at first hand - visit our Plone 4 Demo site. Use a demo account for logging in and browsing the site as its administrator. Having authenticated on this website you will be able to get the experience of true Plone user: add content by creating pages, folders, events..., Plone Demo move content between site sections, manage workflow for every content item by publishing or making it private, and much more...

Apart from standard Plone behaviour, our Plone 4 Demo site includes demo presentation of some popular add-on packages for Plone: PloneFormGen (usage on Plone 4 website, creation of on-line forms, 2 examples of different Plone forms); Plone Carousel (examples of different carousels on Plone sites); and collective.embedly (allows to embed video, images and other rich media files to Plone simply by providing their URL - several examples provided). You can also see Plone in quite different design! There are different Plone Themes installed on Plone 4 demo site.

Plone 3 Demo

See the following demo overview of Plone 3 CMS. Information covered in this screencast includes: Plone 3 site general overview, adding content to Plone 3 site: folders, images, pages, files; managing site content: copy/cut & paste, rename, remove objects, change order; Plone search, Plone content history & versioning options, portlets management and Plone workflow.

Also have a look at our Plone 4 WYSIWYG editor TinyMCE and Plone 3 WYSIWYG editor Kupu for information on how to edit objects in Plone: how to make text in the format you need, how to insert images, tables and links to your text documents.

Once you've experienced the power and flexibility of Plone you'll never want an ordinary website again.

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