JavaScript, language for web pages

JavaScript is an object-oriented structured and dynamic scripting language for web pages.


Building web page requires knowledge of several programming languages: HTML or XHTML for content, CSS for design. With these two languages web pages will be static and accessible from any device you use to view the page. The biggest drawback of this situation is an interaction between the user and page. User has to wait for loading of new page every time he fills out the form. JavaScript makes web page more alive, allowing response to user’s actions without the need to reload the page.

Developing JavaScript

JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich at Netscape. Its key points, that appealed to both professionals and beginners, were: lightweightness and simpleness. The language was originally named LiveScript during release in 1995. Later name was changed to JavaScript.

Such name choice was well thought out marketing move. Though JavaScript has almost nothing in common with Java, the latter was gaining popularity and Netscape decided to add a little bit of confusion and attention to its new product.
This interpreted language for web pages gained success very quickly. In 1996 JavaScript support was introduced by Microsoft in its web browser, Internet Explorer, in version 3.0. Microsoft's implementation was named JScript .

Nowadays, JavaScript is a part of Oracle Corporation.

Building with JavaScript

JavaScript is an structured and dynamic scripting language. The basic syntax was intentionally made similar to both C++ and Java to facilitate professional’s and newbie’s learning process.

JavaScript is both an object-oriented and procedural language. Once an object is constructed it can be used as a prototype for building of similar one. Runtime object construction, dynamic script creation, and source code recovery make JavaScript more dynamic.

JavaScript has implementation as part of web browsers that allows interaction with user and alteration of displayed content. But it is not only one way directed language. Games, desktop applications and server-side programming use JavaScript in their development.

Support products

To improve structure or design JavaScript developers may use additional web frameworks and libraries:

JQuery - rich JavaScript library

JQuery is lightweight, fast and rich JavaScript library. With Quintagroup your project will receive utmost attention and non-standard implementation.

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