CanJS balances rich features and ease of use

Choosing the right web development framework

Building JavaScript application is not difficult with the right tools. There is number of options to choose from. That’s why many factors are to be considered while selecting the most preferable framework.
CanJS is lightweight JavaScript library for simple and fast application development. It is the best option if you want to find a compromise between small size and modern features. This client-side framework is smaller, faster and safer if you want rich web app.

CanJS features

CanJS is very small in size, comparing to other JavaScript libraries. Though size is not the main factor. It’s what inside that matters. CanJS has MVC (Model-View-Control) pattern that enables differentiation between representation of data and user’s interaction with information. It gives structure to JavaScript code.
CanJS features live binding templates, computed values, and routes. It includes several packages, e.g. can.Construct (inheritable constructor functions), can.Observe (key-value binding), and can.Model (observes connected to a RESTful JSON interface).
CanJS is flexible as it is compatible with wide row of other JavaScript libraries, plugins and extensions. CanJS ensures development and growth of your application with support of such JavaScript frameworks as jQuery, Dojo, Mootools, YUI, and Zepto. Its basic functionality can be extended with rich set of plugins. At the same time CanJS integrates new extensions with minimum effort.
Applications build with CanJS are quick and their performance is highly optimized. Moreover, it is memory safe, which is extremely important for long-existing and dynamic pages.

Applying CanJS

You can get more information about this JavaScript library on CanJS official website.
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