5 tips for choosing the best online auction software

Auction software programs and online auction software are designed to accelerate any e-commerce business. From standard auction types to multi-vendor marketplaces, here are 5 tips on how to choose the best auction software.

Why online auctions?

First, let us discuss how you may benefit from the online auction as they are. Here are the advantages you should be aware of.

Online auctions are convenient, transparent, geographically unlimited, universal, and time-saving.


Unlike the usual on-site auctions, online auctions are convenient. Online sales are resistant to complications and excessive bureaucracy. For a standard transaction that would likely take months to complete, the typical online transaction processing period would be much quicker.

Geographically unlimited

The absence of any geographic boundaries can be ranked as the greatest convenience brought about by online auction websites. Regardless of your location or the location of your bidders, having an Internet connection, you can connect everyone everywhere. This factor benefits both parties. At one end of the world, the retailer puts a property up for sale digitally and the buyer makes the purchase from the other. This offers the retailer a great opportunity to showcase products and services to millions.


Boring, tedious, and time-consuming are traditional auctions, in comparison with online auctions. The uniqueness of online auctions is that, in essence, they are clear, simple and accessible. Hidden agreements or corruption schemes are impossible. That makes online auctions the best choice for public procurement systems.


Your totally unnecessary things may become in handy for someone else. Assets, furniture, vehicles, food, medication, construction machinery – you can basically put everything up for sale, and it gets a bidder. The universalness of online auctions platforms is especially useful in public procurement. Online bidding platforms make government institutions more transparent and efficient. Public e-procurement systems are geared towards minimizing corruption.

Choose the right online auction software

Pay attention to the following criteria while choosing online auction software.


First, check whether the platform is easy to use. Make sure the interface is not frustrating or confusing in navigation. Usability is one of the key features in customer retention and the positive experience they have on your product. That also concerns the content management system of your auction website platform. Make sure it is efficient for you as well.

You can check how user-friendly is the open-source auction software we develop by viewing the already made platforms and websites. We always focus both on the smallest details and the general overview of the interface to make the application easy to comprehend.

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Policy Tracker
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Live auctions

As we have already mentioned, the advantage of 21st-century auction software lies in the convenience of usage. Verify whether the auction software you pick and choose allows contacting auctions in real-time. 

Data security

Decide upon a platform that is perfectly secure. Full control of your data is a must. Keeping your information under the lock of secureness is possible with the AWS, Microsoft, and Google cloud computing services. IAM user access tracking, multifactor authentication, and built-in firewall are the benefits most hosting users decide to choose AWS servers for their future platform.

Adaptive interface

Different users have different needs. Be on the side of digital consciousness and choose auction software programs that cover the needs of every client and adapt to every device. No matter, scaling up or scaling down, the interface has to preserve all the system features and stay stable. By the way, that is actually the description of the auction software platform developed by Quintagroup.

Proven partnership

Don’t be passive to search for additional information about the developer. There are multiple ratings and reviews websites, like Clutch, that will help you arrive at buying and hiring decisions of the e-auction platform. Be curious enough to look through their case studies and ask for additional information if needed.

Quintagroup as a developer of online auction software

If you want to connect your businesses and services with online auctioning then you came to the right place. Apart from standard auction types like Dutch Auction, Reverse Auction, Asymmetric Auction, Silent Auction, Closed Option or Highest Unique Bid Auction, we can develop eMarketplace for multiple vendors.

Auction types. English Auction.  An ascending auction that presupposes a gradual increase in price for the item that is put for sale. Reverse Auction. A descending auction that involves a gradual decrease in price for the items bidders need to buy. Multi-variable Auction. A multi-attribute auction is different from the previous ones due to additional lot evaluation criteria, apart from price. Hybrid Dutch Auction. A combined auction that consists of three stages, each of which is a separate auction type itself: the Dutch auction, Sealed Bid and Best Price auctions.

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Online e-commerce marketplaces accumulate products from different providers, so the choice is wider, availability is higher, and prices are more competitive.

  • We provide a fully-customizable secure solution with which you can smoothly and profitably conduct any type of auction.
  • We can customize a Python-based system to your specific needs - your auction will evolve with your business.
  • We can help figure out the best way to efficiently bring your idea to market and develop your online auction strategy if you are a startup or just new to this business niche.
  • We can create an eMarketplaces for multiple third parties with various bidding and buying methods.



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Our auction software differentiates with these features:

  • real-time dynamic bidding and viewing;
  • auction platform is optimized for mobile, tablets, and desktops;
  • solution with proven scalability and reliability that won't let you down;
  • system will be optimized with modern technologies like Python, HTML5, CSS3;
  • advanced security techniques that guarantee safety of the auctions;
  • layout and design tailored for each client;
  • SEO and multi-language capabilities;
  • performance and speed required by a high-volume online marketplace.

Are you interested in using high standard and robust auction software, e-marketplace, tender or procurement system? Let’s discuss how it can be done.

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