Our Mission

Quintagroup is an enthusiastic team of professionals that provides consulting, programming and support services to organizations interested in deploying web-based solutions on the base of an open platform.

One of Quintagroup company’s basic goals is making technology an efficient and seamless tool that will help your business grow. Our experienced and proactive team provides high quality and cost effective custom software development services. We continually work on improving our professional and personal skills in order to build strong mutually beneficial relationship with our clients. You can see our presentation information by viewing our portfolio.

Another of Quintagroup company’s basic goals is popularization of the open source. Our competences span a wide range of open source technologies, but our areas of professional expertise cover mainly Python, Django, Plone & Zope. Apart from providing high-quality services to our clients, we also actively participate in creating community around these open-source technologies.


We have been working with Python and Python-based open source technologies since 2000. We have developed a number of Python web solutions using our expertise, latest technologies and agile methodologies. Read more


Since 2014 we have been developing solutions for the e-procurement sphere. Our OpenProcurement toolkit has been applied in several public and commercial projects, including ProZorro (Ukrainian public procurement system). Since we focus on the open source code, our tools can benefit community and promote refined procurement practices. Read more


We have been delivering Plone-based solutions since the emergence of Plone. We have gained rich experience with Zope/Plone platform by hosting small and large customers and developing a wide range of solutions. Read more

Full Circle of Services

Quintagroup provides a wide variety of services, including: development, hosting, web-design, upgrade services, software maintenance & support, and many more.

Quintagroup empowers business people with the innovative software tools to make them more efficient and effective. We are working:

  • to make products that empower business people
  • to professionally develop our team
  • to have a positive impact on the society

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