New-style Plone Products Installation on Plone 4 and Plone 3 buildout

Installation of Plone products, distributed in a .tgz or .egg file, on Plone 4 and buildout-based Zope instances for Plone 3 in Linux.

Step 1. Zope Installation

Before you start Zope Installation you have to get access to the filesystem of your Zope Instance. If you are using buildout-based installation for your Plone 3 instance - open buildout.cfg file in the root of your instance.


Add quintagroup.seoptimizer to the list of eggs to install (under [buildout] -> eggs):


Tell the plone.recipe.zope2instance recipe to install a ZCML slug (under [instance] -> zcml):

Note: normally you put one line only (something like quintagroup.seoptimizer). In our case the product requires additional lines to be added here, which is mentioned in INSTALL.txt file within product.


Save changes in this file and re-run buildout with the following command in the terminal:


Restart the Zope server, for example, with the following command in the terminal:

./bin/instance restart

Step 2. Plone Installation

Finally, you have to activate this new product in Plone: install in with QuickInstaller:

  • go to the Plone Site Setup -> Add/Remove Products
  • select the product among products available for install and press the Install button