Part 6. How to configure columns width

The following tutorial will teach you how to change the right and left columns width for Pacific Plone theme on a Plone 4.2 website.

Default left  and right column width is 292px.

You can change columns width via Diazo theme: Site Setup -> Diazo theme -> Advanced settings tab.

Note: For Diazo Support extension starting with 1.1b1 version, proceed to Site Setup ->Theming -> Advanced Settings tab.

Specify new values for columnonewidth and columntwowidth parameters.

Let's for example enter column one width 200, column two width - 384. Save changes and return to Plone Interface to view them: column one narrowed (from 292 to 200 px), column two widened (from 292 to 384 px).

As you can see the subscription icons listed in Find Us on portlet are now  all in one line.