Part 3. Testimonials portlet

The following tutorial explains how to manage static portlets, including portlets with testimonials within Chaste responsive diazo Theme on a Plone 4.1 website.

In Chaste responsive  diazo Plone theme we have implemented special view for portlets added above and below content, and additional styles are applied for portlets displayed in right and left columns. To add them - you first need to install Products.ContentWellPortlets and quintagroup.portlet.static packages and activate them via Site Setup -> Add-ons.


Now you can add portlets below content area by following Add, edit or remove a portlet below the content link anywhere on site.


You can add any type of portlet here, but let's add Static text portlet. In the portlet Text area  add some text and image. Save the porltet and see how  it is displayed below  the content area:


To  have specially-styled text portlets: Testimonials, select Static Stylish Portlet from Add portlet... drop-down  menu by following the Manage portlets link to have the portlet displayed in one of the columns. In the content area for the text in Styles drop-down menu select Pull-quote, for the author - Testimonials Author and for the date- Testimonials Date. In Portlet style list apply Testimonials.


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