How to Customize Chaste Responsive Plone Theme

Chaste  is a responsive Plone  theme with incredible customization possibilities. This Plone theme in particular  has a super clean, minimalistic design,  ideally suited  for implementing business and portfolio websites. Chaste responsive theme is easy to personalize thanks to the custom header with Carousel for Plone, logo. The theme also features Find Us on social media portlet.

The following is a front page of a Plone site with Quintagroup's Chaste theme installed. Among the most interesting features integrated into Chaste Theme you can find responsive web design that allows for easy viewing on mobile devices. If the device screen size is smaller than 5 inches the website will start to automatically resize and reposition the content to accommodate for the changes. To speed up the page load time  all theme images were integrated into a sprite, making Chaste the fastest, optimized and device-friendly Plone theme available.


Inner page of Chaste Responsive Plone Theme has a little bit different look.


This Plone tutorial consists of several parts, in which you will find explanations about how to customize Chaste Responsive  Plone Theme to suit your taste. Use the navigation on the right to navigate through all tutorial sections.

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