OCDS - Open Contracting Data Standard in Open Procurement

Open Contracting Data Standard was incorporated in the OpenProcurement toolkit

Launched in 2015, the ProZorro public e-procurement system was built on the `Everyone eyes everything` principle. Standing on the same cornerstone, Open Contracting Data Standard was incorporated in the system's core - OpenProcurement toolkit.

Developed by Open Contracting Partnership, OCDS is an open data standard for a structured presentation of the data on the contracting process. It is designed to promote accessibility and use of contracting information and facilitate analysis of contracting metadata. The standard brings benefits of sharing information and assures better link among systems by making data interoperable.

OCDS Advantages

Usage of the OCDS, promoting interoperability of the data, enables analysts and citizens to work with joined-up data across countries, sectors and other silos. The OCDS is also a yardstick of a well-structured presentation of the data. It describes in details the procedure of releasing data and associated documents at various stages of the contracting processes, offering a framework for governments to continuously collect and publish their information.

Why there is a need to publish OCDS data? The answer is the same as to the question why we replace traditional paper tenders with an e-procurement system - it is a great tool in fighting corruption as it enables greater transparency and is a golden well for data scientists since it allows to analyze efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness of public procurement of goods, works and services. The conclusions drawn from the data can facilitate the enhancement of contracting process.

OCDS is incorporated into the core of ProZorro - in OpenProcurement toolkit.

Data Releases

Every Friday, a new portion of ProZorro data - filtered out according to OCDS v. 1.0 - is released. Each one contains a full release of tenders until a certain date, which is indicated in the name of the folder. For convenience, there is an example.json file - no additional add-ons for opening required - containing release packages with 24 releases to be familiarized with.

Each folder entitled merged_ {date} contains JSON-files with release-packages, with 4096 releases in each. It also contains an archive with all the releases together with a torrent link to be downloaded. Prozorro gathers more data (about the participants, the procurement process etc.) than it is required by OCDS, which is also released as extensions. If the folder is named merged_with_extensions_{date}, it means it contains release-packages with an extended OCDS scheme. These extensions are listed in Patches.zip file in JSON Patch format and also contain files with 4096 releases each.

ProZorro is not the only system in Ukraine publishing OCDS data - ProZorro.sale, bank asset selling electronic system, is planning to incorporate it as well. ProZorro OCDS data can be accessed at http://ocds.prozorro.openprocurement.io/, its code can be reached at https://github.com/openprocurement, and for OpenProcurement's API documentations you can visit http://api-docs.openprocurement.org/.