Screencast about Kupu - default visual editor for Plone 2 and Plone 3.

Kupu is an open source editor for Firefox, Netscape and Internet Explorer. It is one of the most widely used WYSIWYG editor among Plone-users. Kupu was written by Paul Everitt, Guido Wesdorp and Philipp von Weitershausen to improve the JavaScript code and architecture, standards support, support for webservers other than Zope, customization, and other issues.

The following is a list of screencasts about Kupu visual editor:

  1. Introduction to Kupu
  2. Kupu Toolbar
  3. Insert image with Kupu
  4. Insert anchor with Kupu
  5. Insert table with Kupu
  6. Insert external link with Kupu
  7. Insert internal link with Kupu
  8. How to add a new style to Kupu Paragraph Styles
  9. Text and Background colors in Kupu

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