wger - Python workout manager

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wger workout managerwger is a free and open source workout, exercises and nutrition manager. This application offers smooth performance and easy mobile-friendly user interface. wger comes with a REST API that allows full read/write access to all data and easy integration with other tools. It is written in Python / Django, uses jQuery and D3.js.

wger features

  • Add and manage your workout regime configuring days and exercises this workout consists of.
  • Create custom timetable featuring different workout routines.
  • View diagrams that display your progress regarding weights and repetitions of each exercise.
  • Develop a diet plan including nutritional values (more than 8000 ingredients are available).
  • Use weight tracker to follow your results from each exercise.
  • Overview recent workouts and weight logs via convenient calendar view.
  • Choose from the out-of-the-box exercise database that contains around hundred exercises for your workout.
  • Apply daily calories and body mass index calculator.
  • Remind yourself to change your workout routine with email notifications.
  • Export nutrition plans and workouts as PDF files.
  • Import and export your weight data using CSV files.
  • Export routines and workouts to other apps such as Google calendar or iCal.

wger provides basic support for gym management. It can be used to manage gym members, their exercise routines and attendance. This application allows delegating administrative tasks to gym managers (add/edit contacts, send notifications to inactive members) or trainers (add/edit workouts). wger offers gym-optimized view and countdown for weights tracking.

If you want to get more details about this Python application that can manage your exercises, workouts and nutrition, visit wger website.