Silver is a Django app for automatic billing

Silver is a standalone Python/Django package for automatic billing

Silver - automatic billingSilver is a standalone Python/Django package for automatic billing developed by Presslabs. Automatic billing is a complex task, this tool offers a set of features that will deal with automated billing, multiple invoicing workflows, consolidated billing, templating, etc.

Since Silver was designed to manage billing needs, it takes a few easy steps to:

  • automatically generate invoices with a help of a cron job;
  • bill clients either by proforma invoice or regular invoice;
  • generate an individual invoices for each subscription or a single invoice for all client’s subscriptions;
  • choose one of the offered PDF templates or tailor your own custom template using HTML/CSS.

Silver comes with the intuitive administration panel that allows thorough control over the stored data. Documents are stored either locally or off-premises (Amazon S3, Rackspace CloudFiles, Azure Storage, etc.). These preferences can be customized in This tool also can be easily integrated with other services via a fully tested and documented RESTful API and REST hooks.  Other Django-based applications can be integrated using simple pip command and INSTALLED_APPS setting.

In order to configure Silver you will need to add your pricing plans, import your client list, create subscriptions for clients, choose invoice template, setup cron job and Silver will automatically generate invoices or proforma invoices for you.

Basically, Silver assigns clients to plans and creates automatic invoice entries. After delegating billing tasks to this Python solution you will have more time for the software development itself. For more information visit Silver page or source code on Github.

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