Scrapy - an open source Python web scraping and crawling framework

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ScrapyScrapy is a fast and efficient web scraping and crawling framework used for extracting structured data from web pages for a wide range of purposes. It is fully written in Python and easily works with networking (HTTP, proxies, SSL, etc.).

Scrapy - fast, simple and extensive Python package

Scrapy gains popularity as an easy, high-level, and automated web crawler. Originally it was build for web scraping, but its functionality became significantly broader, including data extraction with APIs (e.g. Amazon Associates Web Services). This web crawler satisfies business, nonprofit and academic goals. Usage of structured data extracted by Scrapy is extensive, including:

  • data mining,
  • information processing,
  • historical archival,
  • monitoring and automated testing.

You can extract valuable quantitative or qualitative web data with Scrapy for different purposes. The brightest example is gathering of products and prices set by a competitor online shop. Or you can search for images and words to check whether they are used with proper copyright rights.

Scrapy - web crawler for your needs

If your organization needs a fast and reliable web crawler to gather relevant data for further processing, Scrapy is your best choice. However to exploit it effectively you need to be familiar with programming and web data. Better option is to use professional help. Quintagroup offers technical expertise in web crawling and data extracting. Contact us to receive qualified support for your project.