Open Source Q&A with Python and Django

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OSQA Python Q&AOSQA stands for Open Source Question and Answer. It is a free and open source Q&A system that provides reliable and scalable core features. This software is written in Python and powered by the Django web framework. The data layer can use MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or SQLite. OSQA is a great solution for a thematic Q&A site, an online forum, a company’s support platform, or a basic project collaboration platform.

OSQA features

  • A reputation and voting system for positive contributions to the community.
  • Topics, tags and groups to introduce content focus.
  • Wiki-like features.
  • Videos, audio, and images can be embedded, other files can be added as attachments.
  • A powerful search that assists with finding relevant information quickly and efficiently.
  • Social networking features: connect with others by following users and topics, and sending private messages.
  • Theme customization to change the look and feel of the website.
  • Configurable email notifications.
  • Single Sign-On via social media platforms or OpenID.
  • Support for widgets to expand functionality.
  • Automatic site activity reports.
  • The ability to export site data or import data from Stack Exchange website.

With such diversity of features and functions the OSQA platform is powerful enough that you can create almost any solution for your business. For more information on this social question and answer system visit website. OSQA was designed by makers of commercial platform AnswerHub, so if you want custom theming, advanced security, or SSO integration, you can try out advanced AnswerHub software.