Oscar and Django offer a Python solution for e-commerce

Oscar is Django framework written in Python and designed to build domain-driven websites with non-trivial business logic

Oscar-logo.pngDjango as modern and functional Python framework strongly supports e-commerce development. Currently there are several frameworks that can be a basis for high-performance e-commerce solutions.
Oscar is a Django/Python framework designed to build domain-driven websites with non-trivial business logic. Oscar offers comprehensive user interface and has wide range of working models built on the basis of experience from both large and small e-commerce projects. One of the biggest advantages of Oscar is its extendible core. Any part of framework’s functionality can be customized and extended, any class can be overridden or replaced. This feature allows Oscar to handle any business requirements and solve complex e-commerce issues quickly and efficiently.

Oscar-built e-commerce website features

  • Support for multiple product types: subscriptions, variant products (different sizes or colours), dynamically priced (prices are provided by an external service), downloadable, customisable (adding customer’s design), digital, multi-lingual products and categories.
  • Support of any products number contained in large catalogs. There are production websites with more than 20 million products.
  • Support for various sale offers: multi-buys, bundles, coupons, vouchers, etc.
  • A large set of advertisement blocks for visual merchandising throughout the website.
  • Complex order processing support, possibility of split payment orders, multi-batch shipping, order status pipelines, etc.
  • Extensive range of payment sources (bankcard, voucher, gift card, business account) and gateways (PayPal, GoCardless, DataCash, etc.).
  • Hierarchy of customers, sales reps and sales directors and well-designed access control rules that manage who can view and order what.

Oscar extensions

Since Oscar is highly extendible, both Tangent Labs (original creator) and community provided several extensions to improve different parts of the framework.

  1. Integration with physical stores, including support of geolocation and Google maps, opening hours, store groups, etc. - django-oscar-stores.
  2. Account management that concentrates on tracking the movement of funds within a closed system (e.g. giftcards, web accounts, loyalty schemes) - django-oscar-accounts.
  3. Integration with the recommendation system Easyrec - django-oscar-easyrec.
  4. Integration with several payment gateways:

Since online shopping becomes more and more popular this days, more businesses start to shift their products offers and transactions to the web. As experienced Python programmers we recommend Django frameworks for online stores development. Contact Quintagroup today and receive flexible and customer-friendly solution to implement your e-commerce project.


Find examples of different Oscar-built E-commerce website in our Case Studies section. Feel free to contact us to get more information!

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