Ninja-IDE - flexible Python editor

Ninja-IDE is an open source cross-platform integrated development environment that focuses on Python at first but has support for code highlighting for various languages.

Ninja-IDE Python editorNinja-IDE is a free and open source development tool that simplifies and assists the task of writing software code. This lightweight cross-platform integrated development environment was written in Python and PyQt and runs on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. Initially it was created for Python, but it handles code highlighting for several other programming languages.

Ninja-IDE features

The goal behind the Ninja-IDE is to show how full-featured IDE can assist in development of powerful feature-rich software, being free and with open source code at the same time. Ninja-IDE has powerful and highly configurable code editor with highlighting support for several languages. Due to clear color scheme, it is easy to work with mixed code, even if Python, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are in one file.

Ninja-IDE supports the most frequently needed functions such as file handling, code search, editor zoom, go to line, tabs, automatic indentation, etc. This IDE provides automatic Python Project management and saves descriptive information about projects. Project management gives opportunity to add, edit and delete files and folders in projects, automatically creating the "" files inside each module.

Ninja-IDE provides the following features:

  • Code auto-completion
  • Code assistant (for imports, navigation, etc.)
  • Code locator
  • Code Navigation
  • Flexible project management
  • Fully customizable UI
  • Web Inspector
  • Session handling
  • Profile manager
  • Errors and PEP8 Finder
  • Virtualenv Support
  • Contextual Menu in Tabs (to perform quick actions)
  • Code Jumps, Breakpoints and Bookmarks Navigation

Ninja-IDE allows to highlight wide range of errors and notifies about any deviations from PEP8 style guidelines. Code Locator with just a few keystrokes gives fast and direct access to all files, functions and classes inside development projects. With Ninja-IDE developer can run Python Project or other file opened in the editor, and even render an HTML file to see how it will look in the browser.

If this functionality is not enough, Ninja-IDE is highly extensible and can be supplemented with a wide range of existing plugins. Among the most popular plugins are: Git and Django integration, Sphinx Documentation Builder plugin, SVN client, etc. If there is a need in specific feature, developers can create custom plugins and integrate them with IDE.

So basically Ninja-IDE provides the most important for IDE functions: code navigation and quick search, easy and comfortable code writing, and debugging of the written code. Apart from these, Ninja-IDE is very responsive IDE with excellent screen layout and rich set of plugins. See more information on

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