MediaDrop: Run a video website built in Python

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MediaDrop video platformMediaDrop (previously known as MediaCore CE) is an open source online video platform that provides management of video, audio and podcasts. It features impressive organization, accessibility, and scalability. It is designed to give a high degree of control over the resources presentation and administration, as well as tracking statistics and adding comments.

MediaDrop is a Python application built atop the Django framework and works with MySQL and PostgreSQL database backends. A combination of open source technologies and flexible player architecture make MediaDrop compatible with most video platforms on the market. This application works with both HTML5 and Flash video players. Moreover, most popular players are bundled by default. Users can pull video or audio files from any source, for instance YouTube's "iframe" embedding method is supported. You can add video from Vimeo,, Amazon S3, or any server.

MediaDrop is a cross-platform CMS. It is easy to browse video or audio files, add and upload them in one click, manage media library via a sophisticated administrative interface. Video encoding is handled by a corresponding automated plugin. And moderation is pleasant using a nice admin review system.

Published media has comments, views, and likes that help CMS in ranking the most popular items. MediaDrop also has social media sharing support, so users can comment, embed, or share video and audio through Twitter and Facebook.

MediaDrop Plugins

MediaDrop consists of several built-in plugins that cover most of its functionality.

For instance, Storage Engine API supports the following media files hosting methods right out-of-the-box:

  • on third-party services (like, Dailymotion, Google video, Vimeo, YouTube);
  • via any direct HTTP, HTTPS, or RTMP URL to a media file;
  • locally, by serving uploaded files through the same web server as MediaDrop.

It is easy to incorporate any new methods via storage engine API. Other notable feature is Player API. At the moment it supports 9 Flash and/or HTML5 players out of the box, including JWPlayer, Flowplayer, and Sublime Video Players. The platform encourages integrating new audio/video players into the display system, so it is very simple to add custom HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, or JAVA player.

You can augment or override default behavior by altering any template, adding custom metadata fields to the media creation interface, or creating your own controllers, models, templates and files. Moreover, MediaDrop can be extended with other plugins to add extra functionality, like automatic video transcoding with PandaStream Encoding Plugin, SEO optimization, Views editing, etc.

Interested in more?

MediaDrop is a free video CMS and podcast platform well suited for any organization with large video/audio collections. It is a stable and reliable solution that will run a powerful video website built in Python and can be tailored to your specific needs. For more detailed information visit