Mayan EDMS, Python-based document manager

Mayan EDMS is an open-source, Django-based system for managing electronic documents, written in Python.

Mayan EDMSMayan EDMS is an open source software for managing electronic documents. It is build on top of Django, a high-level Python Web framework for rapid development and clean, pragmatic design, available under the GPL license.

Initially Mayan EDMS was a simple project by Roberto Rosario to store PDF files, and now it is a complete document management system that optimizes the processes of document:

  • Upload
  • Documents can be uploaded from different sources
  • Storage
  • Documents are organized using document classes, user defined metadata fields and automatic document grouping and indexing.
  • Retrieval
  • Documents can be retrieved from the document index or by searching full text. Users can search for terms in the document’s metadata, properties or contents extracted from PDFs or transcribed by OCR.

As a mature python application, Mayan EDMS provides users and organizations with high level of security. The system can be deployed on many hardware and software configurations.

Core features include:

  • User defined metadata fields and meta data sets
  • Filesystem integration
  • Batch upload of documents with the same metadata
  • Preview for most image formats, including PDF
  • Document versioning
  • Configurable document grouping
  • Permissions and roles support
  • Multi-page document support
  • Multilingual user interface (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian) and OCR support
  • Plugable storage backends (File based and GridFS included)

and many more.

You may find out more about the product by visiting its official website:

So, if you want your documentation to be consistent and easily managed, we offer a wide range of services, catered towards deploying Mayan EDMS. Please feel free to contact us at anytime to request a quote and learn more about our services.

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