Knowledge Management Key (KMKey)

Knowledge Management Key (KMKey) is a web based open source knowledge management software written mostly in Python that allows users to plan and manage projects, follow any Quality Management System, maintain department and manage tickets.

KMKey Knowledge ManagerKnowledge Management Key (KMKey) is a web based open source knowledge management software written mostly in Python. This tool allows users to:

  • plan and manage projects with KMKey Project,
  • follow any Quality Management System with KMKey Quality,
  • track and manage tickets with KMKey HelpDesk.

Those three flexible solutions are joined on the collaborative platform with the basic product - KMKey Knowledge Manager. KMKey can be installed on a server supplied by the client or used as Internet service, such as Cloud computing or SaaS. The product has been stable and in production since 2005 in a lot of environments and fields. KMKey software and databases are open source and do not involve any licensing costs. User accounts are free and unlimited.

One of the KMKey’s main advantages is its web-based and flexible nature. Application components were programmed to be used fully via the internet and to be easily adjusted to fit any specific requirements. KMKey is open source, tested and multilingual. Users’ access to the files and available actions are based on permissions assigned to users’ profiles. The user can choose in what environment to work (MS Office, OpenOffice, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and what file type to use (.doc, .xls, .odt, .pdf, etc.).

KMKey Project

It is a project management software with which any company can control projects and access all the relevant information needed to manage business processes all the way from receiving proposals to the solutions deliveries. The key areas include:

  • Task Management: project planning, calendar and schedules, implementation periods, real vs predicted time, warnings, links with MS Project, project templates.
  • Resource Management: human resources (job profiles, permissions, restricted access, man-hours, working parties) and material resources (allocation of tools and spaces, availability control).
  • Economy: deals, budget, configurable accounting concepts, forecasts, invoicing, personal expenditure, reports, trading accounts.
  • Information Management: automatic document generation and reports in various formats, database of companies and contacts, mailing, integrated e-mail, SMS-alerts.

KMKey Quality

It is user-friendly, intuitive, and collaborative software that makes maintaining a quality management system (QMS) easier and more efficient. This component manages QMS of any type (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, etc.) and their combinations. KMKey Quality allows to manage all the documentation related to the quality system, such as the Quality Manual, Policy and Quality Objectives, Procedures, Formats Working Instructions, etc. The records manager enables collaborative document processing, including editing, review and approval to simplify communication. The tool also has the management of non-conformities, planning of the corrective and preventive actions, audits, monitoring and evaluation of suppliers, and much more.

KMKey HelpDesk

It is an incident tracking and management software used for maintenance, user support and problem solving of any issues with your products or services. Tickets start the incident management that follows one of the pre-designed workflows. This enables immediate resolution, scaling, query above information, etc. Work Management includes technical assistance service, support (hotline), preventive and corrective maintenance.

Interested in more?

As you can see KMKey covers all company's organisational needs maintaining usability and flexibility to cater the peculiarities of each case. This Python project continues to improve current features and develop new ones. Companies from different industries use this product as its management software. To know more visit KMKey website, ask for a Demo of the tool or a guided tour via the Internet. KMKey is also presented on Joinup - collaborative platform initiated to share and reuse interoperability solutions for public administrations.

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