Jinja2 - secure and fast Python template engine

Jinja2 is fast, secure and designer friendly templating language for Python and Django.

Jinja2Jinja2 is a templating language for Python with powerful set of tools and intuitive design. It is often used to replace the default template engine for Django and was initially modelled after it. Jinja2 is faster, allows template logic, adds reusable macro expressions and basic math functions. It provides high performance and is compatible with a wide range of Python versions.
Jinja2 uses Unicode internally and provides Python-like expressions. It is flexible text-based template engine and can generate any source or markup code. Tags, globals, tests, and filters can be customized in Jinja2.


  • contains configurable syntax, that can be overridden or line-oriented;
  • shortens time of building similar layouts with template inheritance feature;
  • is sandboxable and allows secure testing environment and evaluation;
  • is easy to debug; provides error-checking and indicates context and place of the problem;
  • has automatic HTML escaping system to avoid cross site scripting;
  • can be easily installed into Plone and used for all the content rendering including HTML.

Implement Python-based solution with Jinja2

Searching for the fast and secure template engine? Jinja2 is the best option.
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