Folium: Python data for maps

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Folium is a robust Python library that assists with Leaflet.js maps creation. This tool manages data manipulation in Python and data visualisation on Leaflet maps.

This tool works with several built-in tilesets, passing any Leaflet.js compatible tiles. The default tiles are OpenStreetMap, but MapQuest Open Aerial, MapQuest Open, Stamen, and Mapbox are also supported. This library allows custom tilesets with Mapbox or Cloudmade API keys.

Folium is sophisticated combination of wrangling with Python and mapping with Leaflet. Resulting maps are interactive. By default, map is stored in separate HTML file. Legend is situated in the upper right corner set up on a D3 threshold scale.

This Python library supports on-the-fly placement of markers and a large number of marker types:

  • Leaflet style location marker with popup text,
  • colors and marker icon types from Bootstrap,
  • circle-style markers, with custom size and color,
  • markers with enabled lat/lng popovers,
  • Polygon marker set from the Leaflet-DVF,
  • Vincent/Vega visualizations to any marker type.

Folium supports Pandas DataFrames and Series, GeoJSON and TopoJSON geometries that can be passed to the map as an overlay. In order to create choropleth maps, Folium binds data to these overlays. Choropleth maps use built-in Color Brewer sequential color schemes that can be applied while efficiently visualizing different schemes.

Folium is a powerful library that visualizes data manipulated in Python on maps with choropleth visualizations and Vincent/Vega markers. For more information visit Folium repository on Github.