django-SHOP lightweight e-commerce implementation

Django SHOP is lightweight and fast pythonic/djangonic solution for e-commerce.

django-shop-logo.pngDjango SHOP is lightweight and fast framework written in Python that aims to implement online shop. This clean, functional, and modular system is easily installed and run either standalone, or as a counterpart to Django CMS for which it has several useful out-of-the-box plugins.

Django SHOP is a perfect solution for those projects that demand high customization. This framework is highly flexible, since the system can be adapted to the specific shop needs. Django SHOP is quickly developing and features three main modules:

  1. Cart modifiers manage the cart's contents.
  2. Shipping plugin allows to select only one shipping backend and delivery method per order.
  3. Payment modules modify the actual payment processing.

Django SHOP provides the most basic and compulsory features. Customers can edit their profile, search and order, have their own baskets and view order history. Admins create, read, update and delete products and users, track history and process orders via Admin Control Panel. Django SHOP ensures online shop protection against cross-site scripting (XSS), CSRF (Cross-site request forgery), SQL injection, and Session Hijacking using SSL connections and Django embedded security. All additional functions can be further configured, e.g. with plugins for variants, discounts, payment backends, etc.

Django SHOP is a Python implementation of shop framework that is fast and customizable e-commerce solution. For more information and examples see django SHOP page and github repository.

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