Connect - communication platform from OFA

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Connect by OFAConnect is an open-source Python/Django-based communication platform used by the Organizing for Action. It is OFA's community organizing tool that allows volunteers, staff, and supporters to keep in touch and take action. This open source platform is available under a MIT license.

Connect is user-friendly and easy to use platform. It has a set of basic features to ensure seamless communication. Users can send and receive messages. They can create unique groups for local or national organization level, or add issue-specific and thematic groups. Other users can join these groups and easily find supporters or like-minded people with whom they can discuss issues and their possible solutions. User Profile is customizable and provides easy management of messages, groups, and subscription settings. Also users and groups can host and share documents.

Connect was developed to make organizers’ work more accessible and more effective. Now people can register on the platform and join any group based in their hometown, or a national group concerned with an issue they care about. There users can communicate and receive the latest OFA news and event updates. This way people will know about events organized in the neighbourhood and share best practices.

Connect is a simple organizing tool that assists volunteers and staff with communication and collaboration. Regardless where you live you can connect with “like-minded people who are ready to take action online and on the ground”. To get more information about this platform visit Connect page or view source code on Github.