Python web application framework BlueBream

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BlueBream Python web application frameworkBlueBream is a free and open-source web application server, framework and library written in the Python programming language. This tool provides a component architecture, transactional object database, tightly integrated security model and many other features. It was created by the Zope community and owned by the Zope Foundation. Bluebream is licensed under the Zope Public License that is BSD like, GPL compatible license.

Formerly known as Zope 3, BlueBream addresses some of the inheritance-based-programming limitations of its predecessor Zope 2 and offers a fresh start with reusable component architecture. This Python web application framework strengthened automated testing and introduced sprints to help accelerate its development.

BlueBream is built on top of the Zope Tool Kit (ZTK) that meets the demanding stability and scalability requirements of “enterprise” applications. For "Separation of concerns" it uses the Zope component architecture (ZCA) so that highly cohesive reusable components (zope.component) can be built. Its emphasized modularity and configurability is the core of BlueBream. Combining it with the robust and well defined Buildout system written in Python makes building powerhouse applications really easy.

BlueBream registers components with Zope Component Markup Language (ZCML). This XML-based configuration language (zope.configuration) provides limitless flexibility. Powerful and easy-to-use persistence is ensured by a transactional Zope object database (ZODB). BlueBream features Python Web Server Gateway Interface WSGI using Paste, PasteScript, and PasteDeploy. BlueBream also includes:

  • an object publisher for publishing of Python objects on the web, emphasizing WSGI compatibility (zope.publisher),
  • an XHTML-compliant templating language (zope.pagetemplate),
  • a flexible security architecture that provides a generic mechanism for pluggable security policies (,
  • a schema engine (zope.schema),
  • an automatic form generation machinery (zope.formlib),
  • a unit and functional testing frameworks (zope.testing and zope.testbrowser),
  • and many more well tested core and third-party packages.

BlueBream is production-ready Python web application framework. It is best suited for medium and large companies, being directly intended for enterprise web application development. Using the newest development paradigms projects can be split into many interchangeable and reusable components. Find more information at