Plone 4 Open Source Content Management System


Plone 4  is a next major release of Plone Open Source Content Management System. It comes with lots of improvements and new features. Plone 4 focuses on updates in the underlying Zope and Python technologies, it brings substantial speed improvements, better support for large data volumes, and a variety of end-user features.  You can take a test drive on our plone-demo website. A release of highly anticipated Plone 5 is scheduled on the first half of 2013.

Plone 4 Highlights

Plone 4 ships with a bunch of attention worthy improvements and features including:

  • Significant performance and speed boost
  • New stylish default theme Sunburst
  • Plone 4 uses Python 2.6, which gives a speed increase as well as more flexibility for developers.
  • Plone 4 uses TinyMCE editor as the default WYSIWYG editor instead of Kupu. This is most noticeable improvement for users - it enables users to use more buttons and additional formatting features TinyMCE has.
  • Search and indexing enhancements
  • Group Dashboards for a Customized User Experience
  • Advanced Handling settings of large files and media
  • New faster folder implementation
  • Improved management of users and groups
  • Management of portlets is also improved in Plone 4. There is now better control over portlet visibility with a new 'Show/Hide' feature. It is easier in Plone 4 to configure rules that control portlet displays on pages.
  • jQuery Tools for dynamic pop-ups, including AJAX forms
  • Seamless installation/upgrade
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Smooth integration with many third-party technologies
  • High security (run Plone behind SSL if needed)
  • Highly customizable and themeable


Plone is for any company looking for a highly flexible, user-friendly, easy to install/manage Content Management System that smoothly integrates with many other web-based tools (Active Directory, LDAP, Salesforce, SQL, Oracle). Plone is scalable, fast and application-development-friendly.  It's ideal CMS to be used as an intranet/extranet. Plone 4 helps your company execute workflow in an easy elegantly minimal fashion, and the installation of Plone 4 is much simpler than that of other similar CMS. With a single executable script, you can have your Plone up and running in no time. With an extremely robust community behind and a number of active contributors not only is support for Plone available, but also various modules, extensions and solution providers.