HTML5 fulfills all web development wishes

HTML5 includes large set of instruments for more powerful and universal web development.


Due to HTML5 and its enriched capabilities, Quintagroup can now build more advanced websites and web applications across large array of browsers and platforms. Moreover, HTML5 can be used for dexterous and modern approach to solving of various tasks connected with Plone and Python-based solutions.
HTML is the core language used for creating web pages and its most recent version is not only filled with new features and attributes, but introduces new ideas. HTML5 includes a larger set of instruments for more powerful and universal web applications.
In particular, many popular web frameworks, such as PhoneGap, Sencha Touch and JQuery Mobile, are already successfully using HTML5 for mobile application development.
HTML5 technologies are innovative and requisite for those who want to keep up with the times and have powerful websites and applications. Performance and speed optimization are ensured by several improvements. New semantic rules help to describe and distribute your content more precisely and easier. Also you can store and work with data offline, which will simplify the operating process. You can work with video and audio directly, without additional plug-ins. HTML5 even offers wide range of 2D/3D graphics and effects to make presentation options more diverse. It allows usage of various input and output devices while working in the internet.
With HTML5 we can develop, design and deploy your web application. HTML5 allows us to:

  • add new interesting approach to Plone or Python-based projects;
  • build interactive mobile web apps;
  • add video to the web page without the need for special plug-ins;
  • save video and audio to work across mobile devices properly
  • use new semantic elements for document structure improvement ;
  • create interactive user interfaces with tables, pickers, sliders, horizontal rules, nested table, character entities;
  • use File Writer API for writing to files from web applications;
  • implement Web Audio for processing and synthesizing audio in web applications;
  • create more sophisticated themes;
  • use Geo Location as your app’s feature;
  • save front-end data correctly using Web Storage, Web SQL Database and Indexed Database APIs;
  • build offline HTML5 applications;
  • implement APIs for cross-document messaging, offline storage, timed media playback.

Quintagroup provides HTML5-based solutions. Contact us to receive qualified assistance in building powerful and rich websites and applications.

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