Open Source Content Management Systems

Documentation about using Open Source Content Management Systems: Zope Content Management Framework and Plone open source CMS.

The hyper exponential growth of content on the web has caused companies to grapple with a new problem: the management of online content. As web-based applications increase in scope to handle a multitude of needs, there is a convergence of services and interrelated online content. Quintagroup takes the pain out of management and integration of online content by using an open source content management frameworks called 'Zope Content Management Framework' and 'Plone Open Source Content Management System'. Plone CMS allows collaborative development of websites and web-based business applications such as intranets and portals. Zope is a cross-platform application server and can be deployed on Unix/Linux, Windows, BeOS, and MacOS X.

By leveraging Quintagroup expertise you will see your productivity growth and your bottom line in the other direction. We have extensive experience in the area of content management systems and dynamic database-backed websites. Content management system gives you the power to make updates online while providing the comfort of knowing that your clients are viewing the most up-to-date information.

Here are examples of TinyMCE and Kupu, very easy to use web open source content management tool.

Open Source Content Management

Most people agree that maintaining a website is an ongoing task, but many are caught off guard by just how quickly the task can grow - often ending up being more costly than building it in the first place. As more and more people use your website, the number of updates can only grow, and information that appears out of date could send customers elsewhere.

Paying your site designers a retainer to be available for updates is one option, but experience has shown that this becomes extremely frustrating - every change must be explained to someone who isn't perhaps as familiar with the site as you are, and the changes can rarely be done as quickly as required.

This is why content management is so important to incorporate into a site right from the start. Not only does it ensure that you can update your site as quickly and as often as you need, without affecting any of the graphics or site structure, but it means that your web site will grow with your needs into the future.

Plone as Open Source Content Management System

According to the recent researches on CMS comparison, Plone was recognized as one of the most powerful Content Management Systems in terms of its Security and Workflow out-of-the-box abilities. Plone allows the highest level of control of user roles, user permissions and detailed configuration of the flow of content through the system. Apart from detailed default system for user roles and permissions, Plone site managers can define custom user roles and be very specific about what roles have what permissions.

For websites with a lot of complex, categorized content that’s handled by multiple people, a CMS that can assign users permission to add, edit or publish content by site-specific criteria can be very useful. This is where Plone stands out against other CMSs. Plone’s out-of-the-box powerful workflow configuration is certainly one of the best in this area.

What is Content Management?

There are different definitions about what content management really it, for example:

By Ovum
A set of tasks and processes for managing content throughout its life from creation to archive.
By Forrester Research
A combination of well-defined roles, formal processes and supporting systems architecture that helps firms to contribute, collaborate on, and control page elements such as text, graphics, multimedia and applets.
By PriceWaterHouseCooper
A coordinated solution that includes integrated systems and processes that provide global access to and management of a common pool of digital assets. These digital assets are used share information between a company and its customers, employees and business partners.

Quintagroup believes that Content Management should free you from suppliers, and enable you to use your website in a way which suits you.

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