Rialto, "the commercial ProZorro", is conducted only for private entities and encourages fair competition.

The principles of the ProZorro public e-procurement system - everybody plays by the same rules, a winner is selected transparently, and fair competition is encouraged - laid the foundation for Rialto, "the commercial ProZorro". High-performance indicators of the model and substantial interest of the business sector in a similar system for commercial tenders resulted in Rialto. The platforms which once, together with the state, NGOs, a number of enthusiasts, gave a start to ProZorro united their efforts in October 2016 to create a similar project, but this time for business.

To ensure timely and elegant implementation, OpenProcurement toolkit was used. The key components are as those in the Original ProZorro: the central unit, which includes a central database (CDB), an API and several commercial platforms to provide or exchange information with a range of stakeholders.

OpenProcurement’s Data Standard was harmonized with Open Contracting 1.0RC. These data standards were extended to ensure the practical implementation of the procurement process in the Prozorro system. The toolkit’s code is open source and free, stored on Github: github.com/openprocurement.

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