How to Migrate from Plone to Wagtail?

If you’re reading this article, we bet you’ve been struck by the thought of Plone to Wagtail CMS migration. Let us share with you our thoughts and help you make the right decision relying on advantages and disadvantages of two popular CMS. Even though it may seem too obvious for you, but to migrate from Plone to Wagtail you need … a developer. Better a skilled one.

plone_wagtail.pngCurrently, no business organization or enterprise can survive without its presence on the Web. The Internet is probably one of the best means to promote your business, post news about your company, get new clients and customers as well as receive feedback from them. Therefore, it is of high necessity to have a web page for that. However, it can be quite a pain, if the website developed on Plone platform is hard to maintain. As the number of software developers dealing with Plone is constantly growing smaller, Quintagroup can help you carry out the migration to Wagtail along with the custom development of Django application, if there is such a need.

Should I let Plone CMS go?

That’s a good question to think over. Migration from Plone is not a child’s play. Especially, if your website consists of a whole bunch of pages. Such a website would be extremely hard to migrate from Plone, particularly because of its encoded business logic. This CMS contains ready-to-use elements, while Wagtail is to be built from the ground zero, meaning that you have to encode each Plone element. However, if you need a migration of a simple blog - that is not much of a leap to do.

Plone CMS was considered to be one of the most powerful platforms back in the day of its peak popularity. As time goes on, things are changing, and a choice of a CMS to build a web page on turns next to some other ones, rather than Plone. It often happens because of:

  • Caching issues
    Frequent updates on the web page complicate caching processes. Often, it is impossible to make changes, enter or add information, because the web page is loaded with cache. The only way out is to constantly reload it, which actually sometimes may rouse a tiger in a user.

  • Long loading time
    One more challenge for a user to face would be waiting while the page downloads. Slow loading is another drawback of Plone CMS that spark thought to change it.

However, if to look from the point of view of advantages, Plone is one of the CMSes that make the content management:

  • Easier and Simplier.
    If you have ever used Plone, you know for sure that it is pretty convenient CMS for managing and organising you website.

  • Secure
    Security - that's what everyone needs, right? As research shows, during its lifetime Plone has shown its weakness in only 50 cases, which, just for the record, is ten times less than any other commonly used CMS, such as Wordpress, Drupal and so on. And, one more interesting fact is that NASA, FBI, CIA prefer using Plone to other alternatives precisely because of its high security level.

  • Multilingual capability
    You can have access to more than 40 languages, when using Plone platform. Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, left-to-right and other languages are inbuilt in Plone letting you choose any interface language you wish.

Just for You to Know

Being based on one of favorite platforms of any Python lover - Django, Wagtail allows to gain an insight into its work and use it to the fullest. Wagtail is one of the open source CMS created to easily edit and manage the content on the web page. The following features can be quite helpful if you consider migration, but still feel uncertain if there is any good doing it.

  • Editing with ease
    With Wagtail, editing has become even better. Now you are “the master of the house” - organise, choose text types and change the content as you wish.

  • Extending Wagtail to suit your needs
    Wagtail stands out for its extensibility. The only condition is to have Django enthusiasts who have good command of Django.

  • Impressive customization
    Robust software and easy-to-operate interface - that’s what we suggest that our clients choose Wagtail.

  • Image Scaling
    One of the interesting features of this program is that it automatically detects faces and crops images.

They say, that the only disadvantage of Wagtail is that it requires a pretty big store of knowledge on how to work with Django.

Interesting statistics to top it off

Quite a big difference can be seen in popularity rating. Plone loses its ground by gaining 4.5 points compared to Wagtail’s growing 9.3.

Although, if to take Google Trends, on the contrary to popularity rating, the rating of Interest shows that Plone catches up, relinquishing one point to Wagtail( 54 and 55 respectively).

According to, where there is a juicy table of Plone vs Wagtail comparison, last commit to Plone has been carried out 30 days ago, while to Wagtail - 1 day ago. This proves the fact, that nowadays, Wagtail is being actively used and upgrading.


We hope, that this article brings a full understanding of peculiarities of each CMS. If you cannot make up your mind, feel free to contact us anytime to get a professional consultation.

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