Plone Content Management Solutions: Plone Services and Consulting by Quintagroup

Quintagroup provides website development and integration services based on such efficient and advanced open source tools as Plone, Zope and Python. Our team of professionals creates high quality websites and intranets elaborated according to the needs and requirements of the clients. Individual approach to each project is ensured with the help of our Plone CMS development services that range from the basic author-only website updates to sophisticated team-based workflow content management solutions. We are closely cooperating with our clients to find the most effective solutions to either minor or complex problems in order to meet their environmental and personnel requirements.

Nothing is impossible for the willing team of Quintagroup - we always challenge and accomplish even the most demanding tasks. Offering any Plone content management implementation solution, we always consider the client’s needs and determine the ways in which a business can benefit from using the suggested scheme of CMS. We also take into account the following factors:

  • Project budget
  • Content nature and amount
  • Content contributors number
  • Approval chain/workflow requirements
  • Web servers/traffic volume number
  • Integration of content with other applications
  • Frequency of qualitative and quantitative content changes

Quintagroup suggests open source solutions due to our strong belief in the multifaceted benefits of the concept. Opting for the open source tool rather than a proprietary CMS vendor, our clients save twice, both on not-so-cheap CMS software with installation and on the other software expenses following it (almost all the proprietary CMS products require proprietary OSes, application servers, and database, the total licensing costs of which can exceed the cost of the CMS software). Open source solutions might involve high expenses for consulting and development, but commercial CMS products usually demand additional consulting services for proper implementation and development that lead to substantial extra costs.

We believe that content management is one of the crucial stages in the enterprise web strategy, with its importance increasing as the majority of functions are introduced to the web. For instance, such specialized services as workflow and personalization provided by content management companies will remain important selling points.