E-commerce Content Management

eCommerce Solution - overview of the e-Commerce Content Management Solution, designed to run on-line store. This is a universal tool for managing on-line products catalogue.

Quintagroup is a leading provider of a wide range of services in the area of content management. Focusing on open-source projects development, we also pay attention to e-commerce solutions based on Plone content management system.

E-commerce is getting more popular every day, as a result more and more businesses need to enable on-line payment system on their websites. These can be big on-line stores, that need to have easy-to-use e-commerce content management solution to run their on-line product catalogues. For such cases Quintagroup offers rich tool for managing products in their online catalogues. Features, customization, and competitive pricing that we provide allow any company the opportunity to sell products or services online - quickly, easily and profitably.

Another case of e-commerce usage is companies that need to have simple on-line payment functionality for certain purposes. For such cases Quintagroup offers Plone development services with e-commerce functionality, i.e. we take all features default Plone comes with and enrich them with custom online commerce functionality, such as integration with different payment processors (PayPal, PayFlowPro, Google Checkout, 2checkout, etc.) or customer relation management systems such as Salesforce. Here are some examples of on-line payment functionalities we implemented for our customers:

  • registration for conferences
  • lodging reservation/payment
  • rooms booking
  • prepaid subscription to certain content
  • prepaid access to certain site sections
  • and many more....


Find examples of different e-commerce functionality implementation into Plone in our Case Studies section. Here are two featured cases:

Here are a few featured cases:

Pharmacie Bastard

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PolicyTracker Spectrum Auction

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Policy Tracker

Policy Tracker
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We're proud to contribute to the success of companies of all sizes, in all industries, around the globe. In case you need to implement online e-commerce functionality to your Plone site or you need to have useful online Plone-based store, please consider Quintagroup services and contact us for more information.

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